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Admissions and Admissions Requirements

All potential students/applicants must complete an enrollment application, engage in a personal interview with a representative, meet the basic requirements, and provide all mandatory documents to the school in order to be considered for admissions to Royal Health Care Institute. Parents, spouses, and other members in the support system of the student are encouraged to participate in the enrollment process. This gives applicants and their families an opportunity to receive clarification of the commitment needed to successfully complete the program.

Admission Requirements

Royal Health Care Institute reserves the right to reject applicants if the admission requirements and procedures are not successfully completed.

Please be advised that Royal Health Care Institute reserves the right to cancel or reschedule classes due to inclined weather or low Enrollment. Students will be notified appropriately

Mandatory requirements before acceptance includes;

  1. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test Result – Result must not be more than 1 week prior to start of class
  2. Coronavirus (COVID-19) proof of Vaccination required for admissions into the school
  3. High School Diploma, its equivalent or college transcript
  4. Complete the Basic English and Math proficiency test with a score of 100%
  5. School Application Form
  6. Valid Photo ID (Driver’s License / State ID/ Passport/ Permanent Resident Card)
  7. CNA mandatory disqualifiers review – review with School Representative
  8. Enrollment Agreement – Review and sign

Mandatory requirements before Nursing Home Clinical Rotation includes;

  1. CPR / American Health Care Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider Card
  2. Confirmed Criminal Background clearance
  3. CORI Authorization Form (Criminal Background Clearance)
  4. Royal Health Care Institute Physical Examination Form be completed by MD/NP – prior to Clinical training
    ¾ Verification of the Immunization: (required prior to Clinical Training at a nursing Home.)
  • PPD Skin Test (TB) (have one done each year), Chest X-Ray if PPD is positive
  • Chest X-Ray if known to be PPD positive in the past
  • Hep-B
  • One MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
  • Tetanus vaccine that is less than 10 years old
  • Confirmation of varicella (chickenpox) immunity

The following is a list of health requirements for the RHCI Nursing Assistant Program:

– Students with any acute condition, including pregnancy, or chronic medical problem must advise the instructor concerning their current health status, medications, and medical needs.
– A written statement from the student’s physician must state that the student has “NO restrictions in the following activities for theory, lab or clinical: moving, lifting and transferring a resident/patient”

Each student is urged to carry a personal health insurance policy. The student is responsible for their individual medical expenses, whether due to an injury during theory/lab or clinical or an illness requiring treatment, testing, or procedure. The student is responsible for medical costs required by Royal Health Care Institute and/or health care facility in order to attend their clinical. Failure to abide by the health requirements will constitute dismissal from the program.

Tuition Payment and Fees Policy
Royal Health Care Institute will accept Full payment upon enrollment or candidate can setup payment.

  1. Payment can be Cash, Certified Bank Check, Personal Check or *Credit Card
    • *3% fee will be applied to all Credit Card transactions

Required Supplies:

  • Textbook: Nursing Assisting: A Foundation in Caregiving, fifth edition  by Diana Dugan
  • Workbook: Nursing Assisting: A Foundation in Caregiving, fifth edition  by Diana Dugan
  • Blood pressure cuff and stethoscope
  • AHA BLS for Health Care Provided book (*Read before C.P.R. class)
  • Pen and paper; small pad of paper for clinical
  • Watch with a second hand
  • Transfer/gait belt (provided by the instructor)
  • RHCI Uniform, comfortable shoes, name pin (Royal Health Care Institute picture ID)

Program Duration and Measurement

  1. Program is measured in class hours. The required hours for each program must be completed at a minimum of 88 hours Didactic and 32 hours Practicum Clinical Rotation. (not including tests).

Graduation Requirements
In order to meet the graduation requirements, the student must have the following:

  1. All required 88 hours of Theory Training and 32 hours of Clinical Training at a minimum
  2. A grade of “C” or better in all theory modules
  3. Passing clinical evaluations demonstrating that the student has successfully completed all clinical objectives
  4. Tuition and fees paid, or arrangements made with the School Director


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